Hell House

Hell House - Brenda Hampton So, that book is about a reality TV game where 3 guys and 3 girls are playing to be the last person to leave the "Hell house" to win 100 000$. I liked the idea of the book, it reminds me a little of some reality TV shows that I found annoying because of all the fake drama and all...


I was afraid it would be the same in the book and I would be pissed off at the end of it. So yes, there is a little of that but mostly it was a good read who changes from other books!
About the girls, Ugh, where do I start? The only one that I liked was Chase, I mean, every point of view of the two others made me jealous for her! I didn't like when Jada and Sylvia were all over Jaylin and Roc. Possessive much? Mmh, a little. So I was often like "No, no...no! Did I mentioned no?"

You must now know who my favorite character is, right? And when she manage to show Sylvia and Jada that she was NOT someone to play with, I was like "GO GIRL, FIGHT BACK!"
If you tell me that she is the one who's gonna leave first, mmh, yeah I don't think I could read the next book. It wouldn't be really interesting if I read a book where I don't like very much the characters... *Fingers crossed*