Empty Net

Empty Net  - Toni Aleo *Arc provided kindly through Netgalley*

Wow, I loved that book. Even if there were some things who bothered me, it still a really good book and the end is just great.


In that book, Tate, one of the main characters, is just the perfect guy. I mean, he is so sweet and sexy at the same time! He is patient with Audrey when I would have been crazy if I were him. Plus, he have an horrible past with his dead family and seeing him be happy with Audrey is just so good because what he's been through wasn't easy.

I felt the chemistry between the two characters and it was really good. Sometimes the scenes are Hot, with a capital H. ;)

I loved Lucas, and his big-brother manners with Audrey. It was so touching to see such a beautiful friendship between a girl and a guy.

Another character I loved was Aiden; he was so cute! He's seven and the author made sure you fall in love with him (even if you're not a fan of kids).

There were a few funny scenes like the fire scene, it was hilarious just like when she was acting all jumpy sometimes. :)

The end of the book was really emotional I think. It was perfect. The name they found was just magical, and it represents their history like nothing else could have

However, what stopped me to make 5 stars was the fact that I wanted to shake Audrey and tell her to WAKE UP (like many characters in books, I must have a weird obsession to put some sense into them! ) I mean, she is always whining about Levi, it annoyed the crap out of me (Sorry, but that part get me a little mad...) The guy is a total jerk and she is the only one who doesn't care about that.

(In books, I prefer strong women who fight back against the guy who hurt her, you know what I mean?)

I probably forgot to talk about many things, but anyway, you should read it and see by yourself if you like that book.