Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules - Jennifer Lewis *Arc provided kindly through Netgalley*

First, let me say that I did not quite understand the summary of this book. It is the extract given above that made ​​me want to read it because I was curious. This isn't a very long book but I liked it, well I think I did.

The title really represents the book. At first it was with the broken rules introduced by the girl, but also the traditional rules broken at the end by not obeying to everything your culture tell you to do or not do. With that, it kind of brings a modern side to it.

About the main characters:

Susana is a strong woman with convictions. And Joe is just so sweet, he has been through bad experiences in his past (like many men in books) and for ONCE, he is NOT a player flirting with every girl around and it's just so damn relaxing to not fear that the guy is going to cheat on the girl, etcetera.

However, it was annoying to see Susana like a prisoner of her own family. I wanted her to do and act like she wanted and not follow their demands. And unfortunately I didn't really feel the chemistry between Joe and Susana.

Even if for me it wasn't one of those books you can't put it down (It was a little difficult to be really in it and finish it) but it was a little different from other books that I've read before (well, except for the romance part, and the past of the guy).

It would be a 2,5 Stars for me.
I hope you'll like better that book than I did.