The Reluctant Wag

The Reluctant Wag - Mary  Costello *ARC provided through Netgalley*

I liked the story but it was nothing exceptional, it's a short story and the end is maybe a little too short. I liked the fact that even if Cal is playboy and all that, he isn't all over every girl who just look at him like some of others characters I've seen in others books. Amen!


I think it's also good to see that they are both independent and don't get all needy and clingy, you know? Cal doesn't want anything or anyone between him and his career of footballer and neither Merise with her journalist career.

It was a nice read even if I think that she seems to fall for the guy a little too fast. Merise doesn't hide her opinion about "airhead" footballers and I like it when someone dare to say what she (or he) thinks and are not afraid of saying what they really want to say! (And Amen again!)