A Moment

A Moment - Marie Hall ***Copy received through Netgalley***

This new adult book is dealing with real problems that felt raw, dark and gut-wrenching. It talks about pain and about trying to heal with love. Both characters Lili and Ryan has issues on their own. Liliane has a 7 years old autistic son (Javi) and a dying mother. She's really young (21) and has to work, go to school and take care of the two persons she loves the most. She doesn't spend time for herself and thinks her son doesn't loves her. It's really hard for her but she's trying to stay strong no matter what.

Her close friend, Alex, knows what she's facing in life and he doesn't want her to be hurt more than she's been already. That's why he's careful with Ryan being around her and I love him for being protective of her (but not too much).

Because of what happened years ago on the Valentine's Day, Ryan is struggling with life. Painful memories came back haunting him especially this very day each year. He drank himself into numbness but when he tried to end up the pain definitely, Lili found him and saves him from death.

After that, they're founding comfort and love in each other. The story felt oh so real and makes you remember that some people are living with it everyday.

It was a good book and I liked that not just one of them had burdens to share. Their relationship felt really natural and at the end of the book, I found myself attached to these characters and I just wanted them to be happy, even if only for a moment.