Wrong Bed, Right Guy

Wrong Bed, Right Guy - Katee Robert Oh my, can you imagine?

Going into someone's bed at night to seduce him, but at the end you find out it wasn't the guy you wanted to be with but that it was his brother? I don't think it would be a situation that could really happened in reality (well, maybe it could be...). It was a sweet, light and fun story I enjoyed reading!

It must have been so embarrassing for the heroine, too bad she annoyed me and made me dislike her a little. She's so nervous and prude about it that she actually misunderstand the identity of the guy who's making out with her. It was HOT at some moments, you can also feel the chemistry between the two characters and that's a good thing! :)

"Wrong Bed, Right Guy" made me want to know more about Katee's books !