Pivot Point

Pivot Point - Kasie West Addison, the heroine of the book, has the power to see the future when she's facing a choice. WOW, lucky b****! Sorry. But well, I never thought about a power like this one and I should have considering it's like the perfect power for me (ahah, a girl can dream ;)).

Anyway, the point is, that Addie had to choose between a life with her father or with her mother (they're separating). After that the book is divided between the two possibilities facing her.

And at the end of the book when I knew what she's choosing, the "no no no... no!" was my mantra. Because, yeah, I forgot to tell you that she isn't going to remember the other life that she could have had.

That book is just Amazing and add to that a gut-wrenching romance and mystery and TA-DAM: you end up with tears and the only thing you want is to get the second book!

... But wait, we're not in February 2014 yet !?