Deeper We Fall

Deeper We Fall - Chelsea M. Cameron A beautiful cover and an even more beautiful story.

I really enjoyed reading this book even if it was painful and my heart broke a little for the characters sometimes. Deeper we fall talks about friendship, love and forgiving. After an accident injuring her best friend Lexie, the heroine is deeply marked by this event and she will no longer be the same girl. It shows also that appearances can fool you. She doesn't even know the whole truth abut what really happen that night, but she's about to discover it.

About the brothers Zack and Zan, well with no surprises I liked one and disliked the other. It's really not hard to know wich one I prefer. Zack is an arrogant pric* while Zan was more reserved. They're in the same College as Lottie and it's even more shocking to see Zack with her roommate... I don't know how she did it but if I were her, I would have been maniac.

Unfortunately, it's been a while sine I've read this one and I forgot to post a review right after, so I can't remember exactly the twists and turns, but I know this is a good book. So yeah, I recommend it :)