Wanderlust - Kitty French Wanderlust may be a quick read but it's a really good one. You don't feel neglected at the end because it's too short or because a part is missing. No, the author succeed to share with us a wonderful story about an unforgettable love between bestfriends that will put a smile on your face at the end of these forty-one pages.

Ruby and Ford were best friends in college but they knew it went beyond friendship. Unfortunately, they had differents goals in life... he wanted to escape his family and find peace by traveling all around thee world while she needed to take care of her sister. They shared a passionated kiss as a goodbye. 8 years later, they see each other at their friends' wedding. She's afraid he's going to break her heart once again but he has no interest in doing so because he loves her too...

A really sweet and sexy read !

***ARC received through NetGalley***