Cursed by Cupid

Cursed by Cupid - Wendy Sparrow 4.5 Stars

If you're looking for a really sweet and funny read with romance in it, then Cursed by Cupid is made for you. I wasn't bothered by the short lenght of this novella. And I didn't feel left off at the end though, so that's a good thing.

Tilly is so clumsy since she broke that chain letter three years ago, it becomes really funny to see what goes wrong when she tries to date someone. It doesn't matter who she's going out with, there's always something that makes her date running away from her, litteraly. And so here she is, without a second date.

Until she met Bryant "It's like Bryan with an extra 'T' thrown onto the end for the hell of it" , the sexy and so sweet owner of a shop. He has also a bedroom voice, making Tilly (and I) melt at the sound of it. The problem? Well, she just has thrown her chocolate drink on his door. Not the most romantic meeting, I know.

She finally warns him about her curse, and why he shouldn't keep seeing her. But he doesn't care because he thinks it's only luck that brought them together, and if that isn't sweet, I don't know what is!

This book made me laugh out loud a few times and put a smile on my face during most of it. I loved the story and the characters just like I'm sure you will too.

Perfect for Valentine's Day' spirit!

***ARC received through Netgalley***