Fly You To The Moon (Stardust Erotic Romance Series #1)

Fly You To The Moon (Stardust Erotic Romance Series #1) - Jocelyn Han After her dad died, Ava has to go to Luna where she's supposed to be taken care of by her legal guardian, her half uncle. The thing is, she didn't expect him to be georgeous and sweet. Nic is only 32 years old and he struggles between the Elite expectations and his ideals. The two of them are obviously attracted to each other even if Nicolas is trying to hide and deny it at first.

Fly You To The Moon is a quick read in the same series as Make You See Stars, and here maybe because I was more used to the world created by the author, the explanations given were simple and easier to understand completely.

While I hated some characters like Clea and Nicolas' parents, I enjoyed reading about the main characters, but also the servants (Danny, his wife and their kids). I was all giddy when I found that Alen was here too.

Maybe it could have been longer with a little more scenes between Ava and Nicolas but I don't mind a novella! :)

(Thanks to the author for giving me an e-copy to review.)