Earthbound - Aprilynne Pike ***Copy received in exchange of an honest review ***

I loved this book. It was the first book I've read written by Aprilynne Pike and I wasn't disappointed at all. I think it would make a great book to young readers, mostly teenagers. I wish the pace would have been even quicker sometimes because you have to wait a certain time before you have some answers about what is really going on, so if you're a little impatient like me, don't worry you'll have your questions answered, maybe not immediately but you will.

Right at the very beginning, I was already hooked by the story. The first chapter gave me goose bumps, and I just wanted to know more about the heroine. Tavia Michaels is the only survivor in a plane crash who killed her parents. She should be dead and no one can explain the reason of her still being alive. Some people might say it's a miracle, but there is nothing as a coincidence in "Earthbound". Tavia is different from us but she doesn't know that, not yet.

When Reese and Jay told her they were her aunt and uncle, they became her guardians and took care of her. She never met them before but then her memories are shaky since her brain injury, so she didn't question it. She didn't have a family anymore and her friends back in Michigan were superficial. Moving somewhere else was a change for her to start again, and not being seen only as the poor orphan girl who lost her parents. But that doesn't mean it is easier to deal with the guilt of being the reason to why they were in that plane in the first place.

Strange things are happening to her, people she thought trustworthy turned out to be more than they appear. Everyone is lying to her, and when she heard a conversation she wasn't supposed to hear, she'll run away with her friend and crush, Benson. He's the only one she can told all those things. He's always been here for her and their relationship will evolve into something more than just a friendship and I was glad it did because I really enjoyed Benson. I found his character really nice and sweet, you can see he cares about her even if I knew he was hiding something from her. However, it was a little harder for me to get attached to Quinn except at the end, when we actually meet the 'real' him.

A really good YA with fantasy and romance. Looking forward to the next book!