Homecoming  - Cecilia Robert *Copy kindly given by the author in exchange of a review, thank you!*

So, let me start by saying that I love a good romance with shifters so I wasn't surprised when I found myself liking this book! It was a little too short at the end because I wanted to know more about Sera and Levian's story and also Tien (he's so cute!).

About Sera and Levian, they're bestfriends since they're kids (I think?) and also true mates. But the thing is, Sera ran away five years ago without telling anyone where she went, why or even if she was okay. Levian will do everything to have her back at his side, no matter what. Time has changed her and they're going to be surprised, just like you will (maybe). I admire her strenght and Levian is swoon worthy! Their encounters are hot and primal but also sweet. So enjoy! ;)

It was a really enjoyable story and I hope to find out more about them and also about Uriel!