Hussy (New Adult Interracial Romance)

Hussy (New Adult Interracial Romance) - Selena Kitt *Copy given in exchange of an honest review*

Everyone is treating Lindsey like a slut, even her family. She's doing with the reputation and putting on a smile and an I-don't-care-I-am-proud-of-what-I-am attitude. The guys wants to use her to do naughty things and the girls are insulting her. But the thing is, nobody knows the real reason of all this. Maybe this is just all an appearance? But who cares if it's true or not, if she wants it or not? No one.

Except Zachary. He'll break down her walls until he can see who's the real girl behind the facade.

This book isn't just an erotica, there is a story behind it and I liked it, even if Lindsey can be a little unnerving sometimes.