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Dare to Kiss

Dare to Kiss - S.B. Alexander When I saw this book, the blurb made me curious and I stopped everything I was doing to start reading.

This book was really good and I enjoyed it. I was surprised at the end though because I wasn't aware it was the first book in a series but I'm not disappointed by it. It's not a cliffhanger and I was glad about that. This book had me in a good mood and I felt the hope of the heroine that things could finally go for the better.

I've never read a book with baseball being a focus for the main characters, it was new for me and I liked it. The characters were really interesting and they all had their own story to share. Lacey didn't take crap from anyone and I loved that about her.


The romance between Kade and her was pretty good, they make a good (and hot) couple. There wasn't too much drama between them, so that's a good thing.

Maybe I'll read the next book when it comes out, I hope I'll remember the story by then but if there is one thing I know it's that we haven't heard Aaron and his buddies for the last time, unfortunately.

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Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 3

Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 3 - Adina West In this third Episode of the Covens Rising, Amarok heard Kat call him when she thought she was in danger but since Alek is already in Paris, he told him to go check on her, especially since his sister is having visions about people dying because of the Dictorate.

We find Alek again, and he's surprised and a little annoyed to see he isn't the only one to give Kat a bracelet. We learn it's actually a promise to court the girl who's wearing it. Her aunt tells her about a prophecy and I was actually really glad to know more about what she really is even if it's still only an assumption. Kat was reacting like a child though and she was too sceptic for my taste, because with everything that already happened, why not believe in that?

And like I said before, I'm reading this series to know about Kat's story only and that probably won't change anytime soon. This episode was more interesting to read.

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Have Mercy: A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance

Have Mercy: A Loveswept Contemporary Erotic Romance - Shelley Ann Clark Last night, I was in the mood for a standalone romance who wouldn't take me too long to read and review, and this one was perfect for that.

Tim was swoon worthy and for once, here it's the heroine that was in charge. Tim wasn't weak or anything because it's obvious he could overpower her but he didn't and damn, that's refreshing. The sex between him and Emme was pretty good even if she took some time to tease him before doing it.

But except for these two, the characters didn't won my heart or anything. They were all judging Emily for something they knew nothing about and didn't try to understand. The drama with the new pictures in the bar was predictable but it was fine and I liked how Emily reacted once she started standing up for herself.

I think the best part (at least for me) was when I laughed along Emme when they both saw the little armadillo on the road. That part was really funny and even if the drama with his sister or her mother frustrated me, Have Mercy is still a good book I enjoyed reading. For a debut author, I'd say it starts pretty good!

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Owning Her Innocence

Owning Her Innocence - Alexa Riley 1.5 stars

As much as I love the cover, the book fell short and I was disappointed.

The story is about a young girl who's turned eighteen. Her dad is giving her a party while saying to her to grow up. Her mom passed away years ago and now it's only her, her father and William. He's her father's best friend and has been like another daddy since she's a baby. He's been avoiding her lately but she doesn't know it's because he wants her in more way than she could imagine.

I didn't grow attached to the characters. Haley was acting like she was a young child who doesn't know anything about sex. It was kinda ridiculous at times and I wanted to roll my eyes.

Also, the guy just seemed to not care at all if he was too rough for her first time and that irritated me. When he said he'd never take advantage of her, I called bullshit because when the girl was drugged and asleep, what did he do? He stripped her naked, tied her to his bed, blindfolded her... oh and yeah he may have jerked off on her while she was unconscious, but no big deal right?

I enjoyed a few moments (I won't deny that some were hot and William could be a sexy Alpha when he wanted), I liked the Daddy part but I expected more from this book. It was short and I wish I enjoyed it more but some details stopped me from doing that. I'm not a prude and it's not because I can't enjoy a DD/LG relationship though, because I have before.

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Saving His Mate

Saving His Mate - Savannah Stuart This far, I have always enjoyed reading the novellas of this author and here I wasn't disappointed because I knew what to expect. Saving his mate was really short for me to grow attached to the characters and that's why I rate it 3 stars. I liked it but there wasn't that thing that makes a book special, at least to me.

I've read lots of paranormal romance and here I was curious about the Relationship between Rex and Margery (a vampire and a werewolf). I wish some things were more developped (they didn't talk about him giving her his blood a second time) but I know in 144 pages, it must be difficult to have enough plot, romance and erotica.

A pleasant and quick read.

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The Sorcerer's Spell

The Sorcerer's Spell - Dani Kristoff I just couldn't get into this book. The cover had me curious even if the blurb wasn't really clear. It'll be a DNF for me, at least for now.

The beginning was kinda confusing, because we didn't really get lots of explanations about the characters or the world created at first. The so called lust and heat she could feel just by having him look at her felt forced and I didn't feel the chemistry between them. I didn't get how she could be ok with the fact that she was dreaming about making love with her dead husband but woke up having sex with a total stranger...

Also, their dialogue seemed primitive and just awkward, especially Dane but then it could also be because of the curse...Not sure about that. And why did he start having sex with his enemy, anyway? It seems like a stupid thing to do if you ask me. But then, who am I to judge? Maybe Dane didn't have enough blood in his brain to think properly!

So, this book wasn't for me, maybe it gets better after but I wouldn't know. Maybe I'll try again another time.

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(My e-copy was full of unnecessary interspaces, who made the reading harder on my Kindle.)


Inescapable - Saskia Walker
Except for the sex scenes, the story in itself was lacking and a little unbelievable. The Erotica part was good but sometimes it was exaggerated. The characters didn't seem to have something that makes them special and I couldn't really connect with them even if I wanted to. Inescapable can be nice and quick to read if you don't mind not getting too involved in a book.

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Into the Shadows

Into the Shadows -  Carolyn Crane
When I started reading this book, I didn't remember reading the last one but then when we saw more of Thorne and his tattoos, I didn't know how I could ever forget him. The cover should have give me a clue about it too... but then I guess I wasn't really thinking last night when I started reading.

So here, we find out that Thorne is an Associate and has been working in deep cover for years now. All he wants is revenge on his sister's death by killing every gang members who has been involved. His story isn't pretty and it obviously takes strenght and courage to go through what he's been through, especially when he had nothing left to lose but kept going anyway.

Nadia is the daughter of Victor, she's called the Party Princess but now she has a little boy she has to take care of. With the help of her old bodyguard, she'll try to find her mother who could still be alive. Thorne and her both have history and it's obvious they're attracted to each other.

Overall, I loved it. This was really good, even better than Off the edge. I enjoyed the storyline, there were lots of actions and hot stuff too. The romance between Nadia and Thorne turned out really sweet.

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Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 2

Dark Child (Covens Rising): Episode 2 - Adina West 2.5 stars

Here, Kat is going to have dinner with someone who could get her killed. She's also being given opportunities to be protected by different people. She learns a little more about herself (but not much) and she seems to get a little suspicious as to who to trust.

I'll read the next episodes because I'm curious about Kat, and I still don't have enough answers about what she is exactly. I hope we'll find Luc again, because I liked him (I secretly hope she'll accept his offer)... Ben and Yara' story still doesn't really interest me so only have a few chapters of Kat's point of view is a little disappointing and annoying.

I was also less confused by this one since I've read the last Episode not too long ago, so that's a good thing.

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Silver Wolf Clan

Silver Wolf Clan - Tera Shanley Morgan, her sister and her niece has been attacked by a werewolf. Greyson was around and when he heard the screams, he ran to help them. Unfortunately, it was already too late for Morgan's sister but he could still save Morgan and Lana. He sacrificed his humanity to do that. They'll meet again one year later, when he'll save her again. The thing is, he's a werewolf now and a dominant. His wolf fights him constantly to have more control over his body. He lives a lonely life now, because he can't risk anyone's life but he's too obsessed by Morgan to go away, especially when he finds out that they both are attracted to each other.

Overall, a nice and quick read about werewolves. The end was cut short, though. I didn't understand why vampires were even mentionned in this book, it seemed really out of place. Also, only send the "Barbie" She-wolf into another pack was a little stupid since she'll probably won't keep her mouth shut about Morgan, meaning her and that little girl will be in danger soon.

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Queen of Someday, A Stolen Empire Novel

Queen of Someday, A Stolen Empire Novel - Sherry D. Ficklin 4.5 Stars

The story takes place in Russia, or more precisely, in the Russian Court. Sophie, and her mother have been invited by the Empress to stay there for an undetermined time. Her mother thinks that it will be the perfect occasion to an official engagement between the young Prince Peter (16 years old) and Sophie. If this happens, a treaty will be made between Russia and Prussia and also, her mother won't have to worry and whine about poverty anymore since she'll have all the wealth she thinks she deserves.

What Sophie wants is a fairytale and a husband who'll love her but unfortunately, Peter is far from a good guy. He's still the same boy she remember from when they were children, only a bit more ruthless. He'll toy with her as he pleases by making her jealous and all sort of things. He can be impulsive and quite dangerous. He wants to control everyone, including Sophie.

Her mother doesn't really care about Sophie or anyone, except herself. She is selfish and would sell her daughter to anyone who'll pay the price. And if Sophie doesn't become engaged and then married to Peter, she'll have to be send away to marry her uncle.

He sees it as a way to secure an alliance, Mother sees it as a way to regain her lifetyle, and I see it as the only alternative to marrying my Uncle Edward.

She doesn't really have a choice and she'll soon find out that some people in the Court would like to have her out of the picture. The different girls that would like to take Sophie's place, and others that would prefer an alliance between Russia and Austria. With treacheries at every corner, Sophie doesn't know who to really trust.

If Seirgei wasn't there, I wouldn't know how she would have done it. Seriously, I felt so bad about everything that happened. And when I let myself hope that it'll be better somehow, that same hope is soon crashed to the ground by some other character. It was heartbreaking especially when it came to Alexander, I couldn't stop crying.

"Of the entire universe, I only wanted you."

I knew from the start that Rina and her sister were bad news and I disliked both of them. Same thing for Peter, he's arrogant and I just wanted to slap him... I was disappointed by Alexander and how it ended but I could understand it. I wish they'd have done something sooner, though. And Seirgei was nothing but awesome, right from the start.

"Don't let them break you Sophie, don't let them win."

I really have no idea where the story will be headed in the next book, but I'm sure I'll read it when it comes out!

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Retribution (Lost Souls #1)

Retribution (Lost Souls #1) - Amy Rachel Thompson 3.5 stars

Regan Edison wanted to have a fresh start when she moved from California to Georgia. She was supposed to attend College away from her cold mother and have a normal life as a student. She liked to be independant and take care of herself but then, she didn't know she'd have to fight for her life.

Right from her first days at school, she's being attacked by Exiles (soulless bodies working for the bad guy named Agro). Fortunately, four Collectors has been given the task to protect her at all cost. They all work for the Council and are supposed to collect the lost souls so they can be judged.

Colter, Finn, Devon and Kaiden are specials. They've been cursed in different ways by Agro who was in the Council, a long time ago. Now, their only hope to be judged again and go to heaven is to protect Regan no matter what. Agro has his sights on her for a very specific reason that they ignore at first. The only thing they know is that she isn't a lost soul like any other and that she doesn't remember her past life like she sould.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book. They were lots of twists and turns that kept me interested. I loved the characters but I felt bad at the end, though. It left me a little sad when I think of how it ended and what will probably happen in the next instalment. I wish it had more of a happy ending.

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Isis, Vampires and Ghosts - Oh My!

Isis, Vampires and Ghosts - Oh My! - Janis Hill 2.5 stars

I'll be honest here, when I first saw it on Netgalley, I wasn't going to read it because I thought it wouldn't be my cup of tea. It didn't seem like a book I was going to love but then, the storyline and characters got me curious. There weren't lots of explanations at the very beginning about the world created. I liked the writing and the ending was nice.

If you read this book, you'll find there is a lot of original cursing with quirky characters. We didn't have lots of explanations about what happened to her baby Heather but then it was implied when her sister asked for forgiveness.

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Fake It

Fake It - Jennifer Chance
Anna Richardson is a workaholic. Her father died when she was fifteen and then money got really tight with her mother. She's been through a few rough months where things weren't easy and now, she's determined to have a good job and make enough money. She's always worried, uptight and thinking too much. She really needs to have some fun and get loose. And guess what? There's a sexy new neighbor who'd like to do just that.

Jake Flynn is a good man and a little rough on the edge. He's a biker who loves to travel and work on motorcycles. He's free of doing what he wants and when, he lives in the present. Right now he's living in her grandmother's house to sell it before leaving for a new road trip. When he hears that Anna needs a fake boyfriend named Dave to go with her to her friend's wedding, he doesn't hesitate and volunteer.

At the end of the week-end, they both wants more, and Anna will finally be able to do what she really wants and take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that Jake has to offer.

So, obviously here the cover first draw me in. The blurb was okay, and I decided to try it. I liked reading this title but I can't say if I prefer this one to Rock it since I haven't read this one yet.

A nice and sweet story even if Anna irritated me a little a some moments when she couldn't stop thinking and worrying for nothing.

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Claimed by the Alphas: Part Six

Claimed by the Alphas: Part Six - Viola Rivard A little disappointed with the ending, though. My first thought: "That's it?"...


Ravenous - Annie Nicholas Ravenous is a prequel to Starve for love, a book about Pia Blyton, a succubus who only wants to be in love and be loved back, even if it's almost impossible for her kind, she still hopes one day it'll happen. Otherwise what's the point in living a loveless life?

So here, Pia has some troubles to accept and be what she is. She hates herself and her life especially after her Relationship with Pierre, the human she's in love with ended up a disaster. That day broke her heart and probably Pierre's too.

One day changed everything for her. She had hoped she could stay faithful to one man and live like a normal being but she found out that the hunger is more powerful than she thought. She can't control it when it wants out. Desperate, she tries to kill herself by starvation.

Then Zur-Sin (Sin) found her chained in her bed after a week. He's a vampire and since he's been employed by her father to save her, he tried to "feed" her even if she doesn't want to. The thing is, she has to be the one to orgasm to be fed and Pia is more into nice and sweet guys.

After that, she doesn't want to go back to her family so she stays to Sin's "nest" where she has to do what he says and feed on the guys he choose.

Now, she may be healthy physically but she's still a mess mentally. She doesn't have the will to live and thinks she deserve to be punished for all she's done. One night stands makes it worse and she can't be around sweet guys for too long because she'll once again fall in love.

They're in search of three "suitors" that she could be comfortable enough with to feed on but wouldn't fall in love with.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book who wasn't too short or too long for a prequel. It was hot ans steamy and I loved the characters (Pia, Cooper, John, Sin). I think it's a really good way to introduce Starved for love, even if we hadn't met that guy (the Incubus) yet, I'm kind of curious about him. Maybe I'll read it :).

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